Upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB

A mini-course showing how to upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB without losing your data and settings.

The most recent version of XAMPP now includes MariaDB in place of MySQL.The upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB is straightforward, and the aim is that MariaDB should be a simple drop-in replacement for MySQL in existing projects. Nevertheless, it is still worth going through what's involved as there are a few steps which are not obvious to get it working nicely and it's important to take care to ensure that you do not lose your existing databases and that you keep any changes you have made to your settings.

Intended Audience: web developers, students

01 Upgrade MySQL to MariaDB (Introduction)
02 Keep existing XAMPP settings, files, and data
03 Back up MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin
04 Back up MySQL databases using mysqldump
05 Download and install XAMPP
06 Restore settings from previous XAMPP installation
07 Troubleshooting XAMPP installation (1)
08 Troubleshooting XAMPP installation (2)
09 Run myqsl_upgrade
10 Upgrade to latest version of phpMyAdmin
11 phpMyAdmin - Remove configuration storage message
12 phpMyAdmin - set password for root user
13 Restore databases from backups using phpMyAdmin
14 Restore databases from backups using mysql command line

What's included

  • 14 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Richard Stibbard