The Ultimate Web Development Course

Learn all the languages needed to build an AJAX-powered dynamic database-driven website.

There is a vast range of materials available to help you learn on programming with PHP, but for the most part they focus on learning the language, taking you through a series of unrelated tutorials, each covering particular concepts. This approach has the very real advantage that it can cover a wider range of topics than you will ever encounter in one project; its weakness is that you do not get practice in developing the logical coding skills needed to build a complete product which actually works – which is of course the goal of all web development.

Taught by freelance developer of custom database solutions and online educator Dr. Richard Stibbard, this course takes you in easy steps through the entire process of building an up-to-date web interface which updates its database on the fly without the need for page refreshes, rather like the ‘Add to Favorites’ function on Youtube or’s hotel search.

Along the way you will learn many of the most important aspects of styling, generating dynamic data using PHP, ensuring that database queries are secure against SQL injection with MySQLi and prepared statements, manipulating page content with jQuery, and running PHP in the background with AJAX.

You will be able to apply the principles taught here to other, larger, applications using these techniques.

The course is equally suitable for beginners or more advanced students. For beginners there are step-by-step instructions which take you through every step of the project until all the principles have been covered, and then hand over to assignments which allow you to put into practice what you have learnt before you see the solutions.

For learners already familiar with certain aspects who want to move onto specific points more quickly, working files and clear guidance are provided at every stage, allowing you to skip any chapters you do not need and rejoin the course at any point without losing track of the necessary code.

With studio-quality audio, HD video, and incremental versions of the source code, this efficiently organised course teaches up-to-date coding and gives comprehensive coverage of an important aspect of modern web development.

I very much hope you enjoy the course and get a great deal out of it!

Intended Audience: students

Download Working Files, eBook and course bookmarks
02-01 Introducing Komodo Edit
02-02 Download Komodo Edit
02-02 Download Komodo Edit
03-01 Introducing XAMPP
03-02 Download and Install XAMPP
03-03 Troubleshooting XAMPP installation (1)
03-04 Troubleshooting XAMPP installation (2)
03-05 Change timezone (optional)
03-06 XAMPP tools & PHPMyAdmin
04-01 Introduction to HTML5
04-02 Bare bones HTML - movies list
04-03 Bare bones HTML - single movie
04-04 Bare bones HTML - admin page
05-01 Introduction to Styling
05-02 CSS reset
05-03 Styling with classes and IDs
05-04 Applying Classes to index.html
05-05 Box layout
05-06 HTML-shiv for IE8
05-07 Styling the header and top navigation
05-08 Styling the favourites and movie list panel
05-09 Styling the footer
05-10 Styling the single movie page
05-11 Styling the admin pages
05-12 Creating background images with a CSS sprite
05-13 Cross-browser compatibility check
05-14 Validate HTML
06-01 Introduction to PHP
06-02 Combining PHP and HTML to display strings, variables, and HTML tags
06-03 String delimiters
06-04 Conditions
06-05 Switch-case
06-06 Loops
06-07 PHP includes
06-08 Arrays
06-09 Passing variables in the URL
06-10 Passing variables without their appearing in the URL
06-11 Guarding against missing variables
06-12 Functions and variable scope
06-13 Passing data to functions with parameters
07-01 What is a database
07-02 Create database, add tables
07-03 Insert data
07-04 Import data
07-05 Select Records
07-06 Update existing database records
07-07 Select favourites
07-08 Delete records, empty and delete tables and database
08-01 Initialise and connect to a database
08-02 Select all records from database
08-03 Select records using WHERE ... AND
08-04 SQL injection demostrated
08-05 Combatting SQL injection with mysqli real_esape_string
08-06 Combatting SQL injection with prepared statements
08-07 Add data through PHP interface
08-08 Delete data through PHP interface
09-00 Introduction to dynamic website building with PHP
09-01 Efficient, reusable code with PHP includes
09-02 One index file for single movie and movies list pages
09-03 One admin file for users and movies admin
09-04 Initialise and connect to the favourite movies database
09-05 Displaying dynamic data - the list of movie-goers
09-06 Convert users list to function
09-07 Set include paths
09-08 User navigation - test if valid user set
09-09 Set parameters for show users function
09-10 Parameterised show users function
09-11 Catching missing and invalid user_id
09-12 ASSIGNMENT 1 - Write the favourite movies display function
09-13 Favourite movies display function
09-14 ASSIGNMENT 2 - Write the non-favourites display function
09-15 The non-favourite movies display
09-16 Insert personal greeting on movie list page
09-17 The single movie display
09-18 Catching missing and invalid user input - movie_id
09-19 Catching empty movie-goers table
09-20 ASSIGNMENT 3 - Catching empty movies table
09-21 Catching empty movies table
09-22 Data-dependent title for favourites list
09-23 Data-dependent welcome in movie list display
09-24 Data-dependent link on single movie page
09-25 ASSIGNMENT 4 - Putting dynamic data into admin tables
09-26 Dynamic data in movies admin table
09-27 Dynamic data in users admin table
09-28 Cross browser compatibility
09-29 Validate HTML
09-30 Format HTML source
10-01 Introduction to jQuery
10-02 Install Firebug
10-03 jQuery syntax
10-04 The jQuery 'this' selector
10-05 Add-remove class and the dynamic event handler 'on'
10-06 Retrieving and using HTML attributes
10-07 One-way drag-and-drop effect using jQuery UI
10-08 AJAX - Update database with no page refresh
10-09 ASSIGNMENT - The drag-to-delete AJAX call and PHP script
10-10 The drag-to-delete AJAX call and PHP script
11-01 Adapt JQuery for project
11-02 Toggle background image on mouseover
11-03 The click-to-add interface
11-04 The drag-to-remove interface
11-05 Load generic image in case of missing image
11-06 ASSIGNMENT 6 - The add-remove interface for the single movie page
11-07 Add-remove interface for single movie page
11-08 ASSIGNMENT 7 - Data-dependent headings - Modify PHP
11-09 Data-dependent headings - Modify PHP
11-10 ASSIGNMENT 8 - Data-dependent headings - jQuery
11-11 Data-dependent headings- jQuery version
11-12 Visual enhancements and AJAX loader icon
11-13 ASSIGNMENT - Visibility of admin and movie-goer menus
11-14 Control visibility of admin menus
11-15 ASSIGNMENT 10 - Conditional loading of Javascript files
11-16 Conditional loading of Javascript files
11-17 Movie-goer deletion interface - preliminaries
11-18 ASSIGNMENT 11 - Movie-goer deletion interface
11-19 Movie-goer deletion interface
11-20 The movie deletion interface
11-21 Add new user interface (1)
11-22 Insert new user interface (2)
11-23 Delete newly inserted database records
11-24 Escape HTML output in jQuery
11-25 Add new movie interface
11-26 Update existing user - firstname
11-27 ASSIGNMENT 12 - Full update user interface
11-28 Full update user interface
11-29 Update movie interface
11-30 Catch browsers with Javascript disabled
12-01 Security considerations - directory browsing
12-02 Prevent directory browsing with .htaccess
12-03 PHP redirect out of directories
12-04 Accessing AJAX files through AJAX call only
12-05 Uploading the project to a webhost
12-06 Moving database connection file out of web directory
13-01 Course conclusion and what comes next

What's included

  • 122 Video Lessons
  • 13 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Richard Stibbard