Create an Online Learning Platform with Wordpress

Online Learning Platform using Wordpress, Sensei from WooThemes as the LMS, with WP eStore & WP eMember from Tips and Tricks HQ.

This course is a comprehensive guide to building your own paid online learning platform with Wordpress, using Sensei from Woothemes as the learning management system, in conjunction with WP eMember for handling memberships and WPeStore as the shopping cart and payments system.

There is also the option of setting up your own affiliate platform so you can invite affiliates to help sell your courses for you in return for a commission.

Teaching online is a great way of sharing your knowledge directly with a huge number of students. It’s also a fantastic solution to the problem of how to SCALE your teaching business – from the teacher’s point of view, making one course and selling it on the web certainly beats going to the classroom every day and teaching the same material over and over again.

However, increasingly it seems that the big online learning hosts are forcing educators to raise course prices so as to cover the higher cut they are taking, whilst at the same time discounting courses and in the process potentially damaging the perceived value of your courses in the eyes of customers.

If you want to be able to control your prices and keep them at a level which is fair to your students, and have absolute control over your platform, then Wordpress is the way to go, but the initial setup is trickier and more timetaking than going for an off-the-shelf solution.

If you set up your platform as you do this course, you'll cut out all the messing around and experimenting with settings and have your own online school up and running in 3 hours or less - Don’t try to go through the course taking notes and do it for real later – that would be a waste of time.

Instead of trawling the web for answers to problems, all the solutions are right in front of you, all in one place, with explanations where there are alternative ways of setting up the site according to the style of your course and your teaching requirements.

If you find you’d like my help with setting up your platform, then I provide support through the Disqus discussion panel here.

01-01 Clean installation of WordPress
01-02 Switch theme to 2012 and make child theme
02-01 Install Sensei and Sensei Modules
02-02 Create a course, modules and lessons
02-03 Sensei settings
02-04 Sensei quizzes and learner management
02-05 Sensei theming and pagination
Stylesheet for Sensei theming
03-01 Install WP eMember
03-02 Create membership levels in WP eMember
03-03 Set eMember content protection at course and lesson level
03-04 eWP Member section protection
03-05 Make login widget and install Widget Logic plugin
03-06 WP eMember general settings tab
03-07 WP eMember - other settings
03-08 Create logged inlogged out menus with Nav Menu Roles plugin
04-01 Install WP eStore and associate membership levels with products
04-02 Create Add to Cart button and Shopping Cart with extra WP eStore shortcodes add-on
Download ''
04-03 Create conditional Add to Cart buttons
04-04 WP eStore settings
04-05 Coupons & discounts
04-06 Bulk discounts
04-07 Subscriptions
04-08 Tabs on All Courses Page
04-09 Advanced eStore tweaks (edit PHP)
04-10 WP eStore styling
05-01 Install and set up WP Affiliate Platform
05-02 Affiliate management and payouts
Customised 'ads.php'
06-01 Preliminaries to moving site online
06-02 Move site online using Duplicator plugin
06-03 Rename WP eStore and eMember tables
SQL file to rename eStore and eMember tables
06-04 Set up emails to match live domain
06-05 Make test purchases through Paypal

About pagination

Katy , 5 months ago

I have a child theme installed. I've built the home page without side bars. Now I want the rest of my pages to look like yours - I guess I can say like a post page. How can I do that?

Absolutely Phenomenal!

Melodye Yancey , 9 months ago

I was very confused and frustrated looking for a membership plugin that simply allowed me to deliver my products in a member setting. Most membership plugins were WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and quite frankly did a whole lot more than I need right now. I am already an owner and user of WP eStore and looked at their other product, WP eMember, but was unsure of whether the plugin would do what I wanted it to do (the sales page was not as informative as I needed). I contacted their forum with questions and was sent a link to the WP eMember documentation where there is a link for this course. HALLELUJAH!!! Through Richard's course I got most of my questions answered, learned so much, got introduced to a new plugin for building courses (which I will need as well!), learned how I could use WP eMember with WP eStore and much more! Bravo! This course is full of valuable info. Thank you so much for your wonderful course! Melodye

What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons
  • 4 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Richard Stibbard