Build an Instantly Updating Dynamic Website with jQuery and AJAX

This comprehensive 11-hour video programming course and accompanying eBook take you in logical steps through the entire process of building a modern jQuery/AJAX-powered dynamic website which updates its HTML and database instantly with no page refresh.

The course shows you how to build, from scratch if you need, a fully-functioning, fast-updating, AJAX-powered website based loosely on Youtube’s favourite movies interface, which updates instantly like a simplified version of Trivago‘s hotel search site.

Highly recommended by expert programming instructor John Purcell, founder of Cave of Programming, this course is currently being taken by over 2300 students and has received glowing reviews and you can even check out more than 50 FREE video lessons on Youtube, which will let you decide whether you like my teaching style before you buy.

Course syllabus:-

  • Structure a website with HTML5
  • Apply styling to it with CSS
  • Download and install XAMPP, allowing your machine to function as a local webserver
  • Connect to a database using MySQLi and retrieve and insert records using prepared statements, one of the recommended ways of ensuring database security
  • Replace static HTML with dynamic content from the database using MySQL embedded in PHP
  • Enhance the website’s appearance and functionality with jQuery
  • Combine CSS, jQuery and AJAX to update the database and HTML on the fly
  • Carry out essential security procedures to protect the project from hacking
  • Upload the project to your web host.

In order to your learning as efficient as possible, I have also produced a 270-page book version of the course in both PDF and Kindle formats. This is free for enrolled students ($40 otherwise, with free access to the course). This makes it possible for you to search the entire text of the course, thus overcoming the main problem with video courses – finding the exact location of topics within them.

The course is suitable for complete beginners, but is carefully designed to be extremely flexible; incremental working files allow you to join the course at any point, without having to go through lessons you do not need, making for an efficient learning experience whatever your level.

Learn more about me, my teaching style and the course in my interview with John Colley for the Online Learning Podcast:

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5 thoughts on “Build an Instantly Updating Dynamic Website with jQuery and AJAX

  1. Thank you for the considerable effort it must of took, to bring to us this course of such colossal caliber. You cemented my understanding into the base of dynamic website development. I greatly look forward to your ‘magnum opus’ into OOP.

  2. Mr Richard I enroll this wonderful course in UDEMY – I give it 5 stars, it is the best course I ever watch!! I wish you make more courses with php and ajax, it will be very good seller – I can say to everyone that this course is really good!!

  3. Hey Richard. Any plans for a “How to Create a Best-Selling Udemy Course”? Your course should be the model for all the courses on Udemy.

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